Hello everyone!
Since there are a few days until February 14, I decided to make a series of articles dedicated to Valentine's Day.
So if you have no idea where to go on a date this Valentine's Day here are some ideas for you:

1) Cinema / Netflix

couple, love, and cinema image
Go to the cinema, choose a movie that both want to see and enjoy together. Maybe you can have a romantic dinner too. But if you prefer to stay at home, prepare some popcorn and watch a movie or an episode of a series that you both like on Netflix. A movie, popcorn and good company, who doesn't love that?

2) Ice skating

couple, winter, and love image
This is one of my favorite ideas. I think it's very romantic. You have a lot of fun and you really enjoy it.

3) Concert

love, couple, and kiss image
Who doesn't like music? Go to a concert of a singer or band that you like. You can sing and dance without having to worry about anything. This is definitely my idea of a perfect date.

4) Carnivals

couple, love, and Relationship image
Here you have the perfect combination between romantic and fun. Even you can go to the Ferris wheel and enjoy the view together.

5) Beach

love, beach, and couple image
Go for a walk to the beach you can even have a picnic there and watch the sunset.

6) Road trip

travel, couple, and adventure image
A couple road trip? Yes, please. Only good music and you and your partner driving through the road without a destination.

7) Picnic

chillin, lake, and picnic image
Food and good company. Choose a nice place and the food that he/she likes. You can watch the sunrise, the sunset or just look at the stars and talk about anything.

8) Art Gallery / Museum

aesthetic, art gallery, and couple image
Just a relaxing day, looking at some beautiful art.

9) Try something new

fish, aquarium, and water image
Visit a place where you have never been or do an activity that you have never done. It will be something exciting and both will enjoy it for the first time together.

10) Hot-air balloon ride

couple, goals, and love image
I don't think there's anything more romantic than this.

Go for a bike ride, to the zoo or to an aquarium. It doesn't matter, what really matters is the person with whom you are sharing that moment.

That's all, I hope you enjoyed this article. I'll be posting other articles until Valentine's Day.

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day!

- Sharo