A year ago I was enjoying watching the winners reel of the D&AD Festival…

It suddently hit me: that if I wanted to be there as an espectator, this comming year was my last chance ‘cause I had the student discount and is cheaper if you’re not a contestant.

And so I set my goal that I definetly would go the next year and have that awesome experience of what I love to do and what inspires me .

The Festival has place in London, later, I set a side goal: I would make an art tour of what inspires me but I don’t do.

A few examples are music, painting, film and tv shows. So I wanted to visit Van Gogh iconic places for me, recreate famous pictures or album covers of my rock and roll icons such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or The Beatles just to mention some and also be in the places I can only read of, like 221B Baker Street or The TARDIS

If you like to follow this journey and get some ideas if you’re planning to go to London or Paris, I’m gonna post what I would like to do here. Places, tips I’ve found and prices, ‘cause that was one thing that worried me a lot.

So… Head out on the highway! Looking for adventure and whatever comes our wind!

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