Hello, lovelies! It happened again! Yesterday I did not have internet on my laptop and that's why I'm writing it the next day (today!). I was waiting and waiting for the internet to come, but it never did, so I just put off the post for today, and here I am writing it. So as you know for the title, today I'll write about my zodiac sign and wheter or not it fits me. Overall, not having internet was not that bad, cause I could search some info about my sign and see if it really fits me or not. Now let's begin!


I was born on January 26th of 2001. Consequently, I am an aquarius girl and I love it.

  • They say that the aquarius' element is the air and that's why aquarius people love their freedom and all that stuff. I agree with it.
  • They say that Aquarius is a mix of air and water. My thoughts about it is that I'm always a mix, If someone asks me something and they tell me 2 alternatives or more, usually I can't choose only one, sometimes I'm both and it becomes difficult for me to select just one. Did you get me? I really hope so hehe.
  • Aquarius are the creative ones. I strongly agree with it, I don't want to be arrogant but I mean one of the things I love of myself is my creativity. it's not just for art stuff, it's also for seeing things from different perspectives and creating new ways to solve something. I just agree with it.
  • Aquarius prefer friendships over couple relationships. For me that's true, I would always prefer my best friends over my boyfriends, I mean if I had one haha. You may be saying "Before he was your boyfriend, he was also a friend, wasn't he?" and for me it's not like that, at least in my case I did not share half of the things I shared with my best friends.. with my boyfriend. Maybe I wrote incorrectly, so it's my mistake.
  • You can't truly understand or know an aquarius. That's quite true, I have some secrets that I wouldn't tell anyone and that I won't tell anyone. So that's why they say that even if an aquarius is your best friend you wil not truly know her. We're kind of misterius people. Of course many people who are not aquarius that have secrets that can't never be shared with the world and that's ok,
  • They say that aquarius are the ones who brign fun conversation, they are extrovert, they are super funny BUT In this case I'm not that aquarius, I wish I were, but I'm not. or at least I do not consider myself a funny girl. I'm kind of funny but with my close friends but when it come to meeting new people I'm invisible hehe. I disagree with this.

All in all I think I fit in the aquarius sign. I'm a proud aquarius. I specially love my sign because I think is nor normal hehe it's unique. I can't say more because every sign is different but you know... I'm aquarius soooo hehe.

So this is it! Personally I'm really into horoscopes and zodiac signs that's why I wanted to write a more accurate article with true information (I mean based on the internet hehe). I also read 2 books on wattpad that are about zodiad sign and all that stuff. Those "books" are not that trustful but I do enojy reading them cause almost all thte time they just make me laugh. I used to read those kind of books with my friends and laugh on each other's face "haha you are this, you're that! haha" and it was really funny for us.
That's all for today's article.. have a nice day.

My Best Wishes For You
Susan Nayeli