God, listen to his prayer,
he is begging for some strength.
He does not surrender,
he is just only being brave.

God, help my man,
with all the problem he faces.
I know you have a plan,
I bet he will go to far places.

God, I know he is under many tests,
and I know he will conquer them.
I only ask you to give him some rest,
he has so far done well.

God, I know his sadness is mine too,
as well as his anger and frustration.
Now he sees everything so blue,
help us overcome our limitation.

God, I trust you with my life,
I know we can both prevail through this.
I believe someday I will be his proud wife,
just help him now to resist.

God, I can’t negate,
that I love him so much it hurts.
I will keep calm and still with faith,
keep carrying on through the adverse.