describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears:

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losing everyone that i love

i lay awake at night, thinking about this. what if i lost anyone of my brothers? who would i have to grow up with? what if one of my parents were gone? who would show me right from wrong? i can't even handle the fact that my brothers moved out, my mom lives in another state, and that my little brother lives with his dad.

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being forgotten

this also kinda goes with losing the people i love. imagine waking up one day, you go up to your mom and she asks "how did you get in my house?" in a panicked voice because she doesn't recognize you. if you're forgotten you're all alone because no knows you are. it scares me just typing it.

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following my family's footsteps

no one in my family has been to college, yet. no one in my family is happy with their job, yet. being the youngest, all the pressure is on me. in late august, i will be a freshmen in high school which scares me because this is the start of my family's bragging, hope, and doubts. my parents are bragging about my grades, they hope i actually finish high school, they doubt it wouldn't be a struggle for me.

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