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This should be my first article. I wanted to start off with something simple - a look into my favourite trends I've been seeing around (and that I've been trying to recreate myself). Although this is sure to be brief, I hope you enjoy it.


The whole 90s layered t-shirt thing is coming back in the best way possible. Wearing a roll neck, long sleeve top and an oversized t-shirt looks so good. It's very Avril Lavigne circa. 2002, but it works for some reason...

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Here are some links you may find useful if you're thinking of buying into this trend:




Plaid Trousers

Or any quirky patterned trousers honestly. They work really well with just a plain block colour tee and a pair of docs. They don't take a lot of effort at all but I always find it makes it look like you've put in some sort of effort. If trousers are a bit much for you, a plaid skirt is always a great go-to.

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Links for anyone interested:




The Seventies

I am so happy that the hippie, 70s looks are coming back into fashion. It's probably my favourite fashion-era of all time. Flares, (faux) suede and John Lennon sunglasses are the way to go with this. Anything you wear which is going in the vintage boho direction is going to look amazing. Charity shops (or thrift stores) are your best friend.

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Again, some links for anyone interested:




Also see Oxfam's online shop (if you're in the UK) for some unique finds:

Thank you so much for giving my article a read. I know it's pretty brief but hopefully there will be some longer ones in the near future. If you want anymore inspiration, check out my 'Style Inspiration' collection which I'll link below.
See you around guys! X