If you guys don't know already, I am the author of a blog called Maria Rita, where I talk about several subjects, including fashion, tv shows, movies, beauty products and my travels.
I really like to share the things I like with the world!

I thought about doing a small recap of my latest posts, to let you know what I've been writing about and, if you want, go check the full post!

OOTD for the cold days here: http://mariarita.blogs.sapo.pt/ootd-esta-frio-156238

blogger, fashion, and ootd image

5 Instagram accounts I recommend you here: http://mariarita.blogs.sapo.pt/5-contas-do-instagram-para-seguir-4-155939

Inspiration for the cold days here: http://mariarita.blogs.sapo.pt/inspiracao-para-os-dias-frios-155857

OOTD wearing red vinil boots here: http://mariarita.blogs.sapo.pt/ootd-botas-de-vinil-155264

blogger, fashion, and ootd image

My new red vinil boots here: http://mariarita.blogs.sapo.pt/new-in-botas-vinil-vermelhas-154947

OOTD wearing the coolest coat from Loavies here: http://mariarita.blogs.sapo.pt/ootd-casaco-da-loavies-3-154721

blogger, fashion, and ootd image

All the posts are written in portuguese, but you can easily translate them using google translator!

I hope you guys like my posts. Feel free to share your opinion with me!

Also, check my Instagram account: http://instagram.com/ritacvi