BIG, I mean, really BIG wall art.

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Decorating a room with art is always a plus, it can give a space a museum mood, surrounding yourself in art not only bring life to the walls it helps to link togheter every piece inside that room and every material into a cohesive whole.
Imagine the room as a cube, where you have floor and ceiling, and if you cut between those planes you'll have that "line" or limit, where most of objects that you put inside the cube (room) usually ends, that line normally gives a felling of emptiness, therefore you can have a lot of furniture and still have an empty or messy space.
One way to avoid that is by adding objects, art, wallpapers, or luminaries, that way by adding information to the top half of that "cube" you create a guide for your eyes, that'll allow you and every person that is there, to follow it and appreciate the space as a full and not half empty.


Fearless ceilings

Either painting them or coat them in diffrent materials, you can bring life to that part of the property that we must admit, sometimes we neglect.
A big trend this year is to spice things up starting from the ceiling, there are a few myths about this, first, that any ceiling that is not white will let your space looking smaller, well that's a big no. If you have a small room, you can go bold and get crazy there! by employing glossy end paints (dark or bright colors) you allow the lightning to reflect the surface which helps to distribute the light in the room. Also applying mirrors will create the same effect.

There is always the option to keep it light, bright and pastel colors that are matte finished will also create the trick.
So there is no way for you to try, promess it will be a great topic for conversations!

Here are some options, from matte to glossy paints..

blue, door, and home image Image by Angie bathroom, green, and ceiling image black, dining, and interior image Image by Angie Image by Angie ceiling, interior, and room image ceiling, green, and interior image

Molding, mirrors, wood, concrete, vinyls or tiles, can create a beautiful effect too

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All about the Persian rugs

With their strong symmetrical patterns and colours, are the perfect decor element for adding a little pattern in the design, together with an Oriental twist. Their colours, which are usually warm and in the reds range, fit also perfectly the present colour taste which is going towards earthy and strong hues.

This kind of rugs can add a touch of elegance to any room, and the best of this rugs is that no matter what style is going on in your home, they'll fit. Due they big variety of colors and patterns, you can combine them whether a modern style or a classic one, they add an eclectic vibe.
Here are some examples in diffrent tipe of interiors:

design, interior, and home image bath, interior, and plants image classic, design, and fireplace image bedroom, interior, and home image design, eclectic, and persian image decor and interior image kitchen and white image design, grey, and persian image


If you like diy projects this can be a great opportunity!
Is amazing how a room can change by putting some work on the walls, if you're trying to achieve a classic stylish look this might be a great start.
there are plenty of possibilities, from the traditionals patterns to move elaborated ones.
Playing with patterns and painting will definitely help to harmonize an interior and at the same time generate a point of attraction, if it were a single wall, it would create a focal point in the room, or a visual guide, if we use it in the whole room.
Some examples of this panelled walls:

bathroom, black, and interior image
This is a fantastic way to transform classic materials, furnishings and accessories into a modern version. As you can see that black panelled wall definitely attracts the view and it helps to highlight that classic beautiful bathtub, as you can see all this elements are pretty "old" but look what a good color palette can make.
bedroom, panels, and black image dining, interior, and room image
kitchen, panels, and interior image
We can apply this same effect on cabinets, doors, closets or any furniture, don't be affraid to go for dark or vibrant colors, the patterns will stand out creating fancy rooms.


Ultra violet, PANTONE color of the year

It's the color of temperance, lucidity and reflection, conveys depth, experience, is related to the emotional, spiritual and mystical, that's why it was a color used even in different shades or variations like purple, by high dignitaries, priests, etc.

So this year @PANTONE selected a very rich and pure value of violet.
Here's what I'm talking about...

pantone image

That's a good one @PANTONE , you can implement this trend by choosing fabrics or some art even pieces of furniture, but of course if you dare, you can use large amounts of this beautiful color, even create completely violet rooms ... I know, sometimes colors that have so much personality by themselves are a little scary but using small details or different values of this tone we can manage to adapt it to our taste and personality.
So this 2018 really there are no excuses not to try something new, remodel and give a funny and interesting turn to our home.

panels, purple, and sofa image chairs, purple, and dining image interior and purple image door, red, and violet image bedroom, violet, and 2018 image dining, interior, and room image black, interior, and living room image Image by Angie

That is everything for today really hope this can be useful I'm going to try to post at least once a week and give some tips and advises for your interiors and exteriors too.