Hey Hoesss!!!
I'm back again with another monthly playlists, this time we are doing another dancehall playlists!!
This is just some songs to whine to, to grind to, to dance to lmao...
Please I recommend listening to these songs on souncloud, some artists might not be on YouTube so yea...
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Starting Off With...
1. Aidonia // Jook So
2. Gyptian // Non Stop Whine
3. Gaza Slim // Everything Fi Hold Him
4. Aidonia // Tip Pon U Toe
5. Nawlage // By Your Side (Feat. True'ly Young)
6. Indian The Artists // In My Arms
7. John Odino // Take You Home (Feat. Duke Pe-Ge)
8. Dynasty // See You Again
9. QQ // One Drop
10. Aidonia // Pon Di Cocky

If you didn't feel it in ya waist
You bout to feel it now..

Ok we back....
11. Spice // Conjugal Visit (Feat. Vybz Kartel) (Raw)
12. Popcaan // Love Yuh Bad
13. Gyptian // Hold Yuh Remix (Feat. Nicki Minaj) (Remix)
14. Popcann // Ova Dweet
15. Vybz Kartel // Ever Blessed
16. Vybz Kartel // Anything A Anything (Feat. Gaza Slim)
17. Gaza Slim and I Octane // Cya Do It
18. Gaza Slim // Whine
19. Dj ShaqTown // Salty Tic Toc/Throat (Gage)
20. Alkaline // Only Thing Mi Want (Feat. Spice) (Raw)

So that's all...
I Hope Y'all Enjoyed!!!
My Next Playlists is a jersey club playlists
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