Hi guys and girlsss,

The last few weeks (or even the whole period since I've started university lol) I've been really stressed with all the things I have to do. You know, school, work, workout, prepare healthy meals, sleep well. Well in my case, I only score good on three of those options at a time. I just can't seem to get it all right at the same time (imagine me having another breakdown thinking about this). So I'm just done and I started looking for some things that help me be a little less stressed, so I thought I'd go and share it with you guys/girls. I hope they help at least someone!

1. Taking a bath
I love taking baths, but I usually take them for about 45 minutes. Just enough time to watch one episode! I do this so I do two things at the same time and I like the idea that I spared myself some time lol. Also they both help me to relax, and I feel almost reborn after! And I ALWAYS use bath bombs. I love love love them!!!

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2. Read books & get cozy

When I have a little more free time, so right after exams for example, I tend to take a little more time to take my mind of things. And what better way to take your mind of things, then to live in another world for a (few) book(s)? I also snuggle up a bit in my pj's with a few blankets and pillows, a lot of tea and some (healthy) snacks. I just need this sometimes, you feel me?

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3. Watch a movie/an episode at the end of the day

It's a way that makes me relax and forget about everything, so after watching the movie or my serie I'm not thinking about all the stressfull things. If I do, I'll be thinking all night long. I really can't sleep if I'm worrying. If I'm stressed right before I go to bed, I can't sleep at all, which makes things even worse most of the time. So I've learned over the years that I just have to watch a movie or read and take my mind of it, so I can get a decent night of sleep. Also watching movies and series is great in general so yeah.

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So a few things I always do are: make myself some hot choco, lie down on bed, and while reading and trying to sleep I listen to some sounds of rain pouring or fire cracking!

I hope you can relate to these few things, and if you have ideas/options on what to do while (too) stressed let me know!!

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