I'm waiting for a text from a guy who I like.

We are talking for 4 months now, and at first every thing was going fine. But since a few weeks he is acting all strange. He ignores my texts for a day or two and doesn't sent much snaps anymore.
We were going to meet for the first time 3 weeks ago and something came up. Then last week we were going to meet again but it wasn't really disgusted, so that didn't happen either. So yesterday I told him I could meet him today and he said he was free and that he really wanted to see me. But then he ignores me all day and we still have not met yet.
Because of these little things and some other little things, my friends think he is a d*ck and they think I should let him go. But I just can't, I like him.
And I'm afraid that if I stop liking him, I start liking my ex again.
However, I'm mad now, because of what happend today. So I texted him and said that he should be clear with me or I'm done.

I hope he doesn't ignore me for once.