Hey everyone hope you all have had a great week

Im eating the same as i did last week there is an article about meal prep which is exactly what i eat, you all my be getting board of the same old food, so change it up a bit just make sure you don't add to many more calories or if your like me and have to eat close to the same thing that you have been eating stick with it!

my exercise plan is still run 1 min walk 3 min because it takes time to get use to especially if you like me and haven't run in years, but it is getting easier to run and i feel better and more healthier since i started this diet

any way life threw a lot at me, but im back and im more excited to get healthy, also i didn't lose as much as i had hoped but i was unable to get the things i needed for my meal prep, till today, but i still tried creating other healthy foods they had more calories and stuff but i didn't give up thanks to you all and your messages/comments i'v been getting they have really inspired me since i started so thanks so much for all the encouragement and inspiration! love y'all!

also i weigh 158 so im getting there. the road is long, but when you get where you want to be its worth it!