Hi, hearters ❤

I like this challenge so much. And this is my first article. So, I think, it is a good idea to introduce myself.

I'm so excited 😁


fashion, different, and pink image accessories, alternative, and colors image fashion, girl, and beauty image fashion, style, and outfit image Image removed fashion and style image


hair, purple, and pink image fruit, raspberry, and food image moon image forest, nature, and pink image
Also, my hair is the same color.


book and Dream image book, vintage, and writing image clothes, shopping, and new image passion, ajoutez d'autres tags, and <3 ²² image


dog, animal, and funny image cat, white, and animal image cute, animal, and bunny image animal, black, and winsome image
golden retriever, lullaby, and pink image
She's my precious🤗. She's name is Şans (it means luck in Turkish).


coconut, white, and food image avocado, bread, and yummy image fruit, red, and pomegranate image wine, red, and drink image pizza, food, and heart image food, fries, and yummy image


Image by ayyoub bourakkadi Queen, princess, and bitch image tattoo, sexy, and text image anime, funny, and Otaku image


anime, internet, and funny image school, study, and book image clothes, pink, and pastel image netflix and pink image blogger, chihuahua, and dog image book, coffee, and music image


wayland, lightwood, and fairchild image abby, beautiful, and travis image hush hush, quotes, and angel image book, grey, and love it image

Movies/TV Shows

black and white, johny depp, and smile image the shack image Avengers, Marvel, and Hulk image Devil, lucifer, and gif image the musketeers, athos, and d'artagnan image teen wolf image


x ambassadors. image demi, demi lovato, and style image panic! at the disco, band, and wallpaper image halsey, pink, and badlands image


arm, colour, and tattoo image love, live, and quotes image quotes, pineapple, and sweet image school, study, and quote image

Bonus: Animes/Mangas 😜

anime, Howl, and howl's moving castle image kuroshitsuji, black butler, and sebastian image fairy tail, anime, and happy image anime, bungo stray dogs, and bungou stray dogs image kou, futaba, and ao haru ride image anime and funny image