Hello there again!!! Well I know that almost a month and a half had passed by since the beggining of 2018, so i think that plenty of you had your Agenda or Bullet Journal ready. But for those that maybe got into the Bullet Journal fever a little late (like me) this is all for you.

Step 1: Choose a good Journal

If you look for "Bullet Journal" on the internet, most of the people had the recommended type of agenda (a special one) but that's not obligatory. You can use any agenda you want, just make sure that it's new and practical.

bohemian, yellow, and february image
This is my Bullet Journal of this year.Little, colorful and with a nice bohemian touch.

Step 2: Start with a review

It doesn't matter if you start yours on February,March,April, or at any month. That's one of all the great things of this journaling fever. But, as an advice, always do a "Last year in review". Write the most important things thah happenned to you last year, your achievements,memories,etc.

And right after that, make a cute "2018" cover. Here you have mine.

girl, notes, and journal image agenda, draw, and girl image
You can draw or write an inspiring quote.

Step 3: Write your goals for this year

So, this is one of the most important parts of setting up your agenda. Write all your amazing goals for this fresh new year, or new months. You can divide them in sections. For example: Personal Goals,School or Career goals,Social Goals, Beauty Goals, Fitness Goals, etc.

agenda, girl, and goals image
Here are a few of my goals, maybe you don't understand because it´s in Spanish.I wrote a lot of goals, but I´m just showing you this picture as an example.

Step 4: Make a "Books to read" list

Read more books should be one of your goals. Reading not only helps you to get wiser, It helps you to be a better and more cretive person.So, draw a cute shelve or whatever you want and create an original way to organize the books you want to read this 2018.

agenda, books, and draw image
Get inspired.

Step 5: Make a "Movies to watch" list.

Look for a pretty way to write down the names of all the movies you want to lay in your bed and watch this year.

draw, goals, and journal image
I really like how it looks.Also is a good idea to rate each movie.

Step 6: Write down a "Series to Netflix and Chill" list too.

Of course we can forget series, specially Netflix series. Do a list of all those ones you've always wanted to see. And start doing marathons in PJ's. It's amazing how many things you can learn by watching these ones. Specially life lessons. Just sit, watch them, and relax.

draw, journal, and notes image
Here it's my list.I've always wanted to watch these ones. I'm really excited about all those seasons.

Step 7: Do your "Level 10 to life Goals" list

Okay, I'll explain this one too. Basically you have 10 sections of goals here: Family,Social Life, Career/ Studies, Fun, Giving, Beauty/ Self care/ Style, Fitness/ Health, Finances (Money), Friends and Spirituality. That are the most common ones, but you can changue them to suit yourself. You draw a bar from 1 to 10 for each goal. And as the year goes by, you color how much you have improved in each goal.This will help you to reach in a more organised way your goals.

agenda, goals, and notes image
So, it looks like this.

Step 8: Make Birthdays/Holidays log

So guys, here I just did a Birthday log but the recommended thing is to do a Holiday log too.This is to help you to remember important dates like birthdays or events.

birthdays, draw, and fresh image
As always, feel free to draw and decorate.

Step 9: Decorate in a powerful way

I've told you in the steps above to feel free to draw and decorate as much as you want.But in this step I don not mean to make little doodles or notes.Your Bullet Journal should have decorations that actually mean something.For example as the images bellow, decorate a page by writing facts about you or things you like,or you are addicted to, even things that fuck you up. This is therapeutic and also helpful to know and love yourself more.

doodles, journal, and notes image fuck, journal, and tumblr image
Again. Here there are some ideas guys.

Step 10: Do your 2018 calendar

One of the main characteristics of having a Bullet Journal, is that you write all by hand, so you have to do the calendar by yourself too.

agenda, calendar, and planner image
It took a long time. But it's done.

Step 11: Do your montlhy cover and planner

This is almost the last part, make a cute cover with the name of the month on it and maybe a nice quote or a draw. Then do your monthly planner with your goals for the month and tasks, this will really help you to organise your days and events more.

agenda, draw, and cover image agenda, fresh, and girl image
Again children, get inspired.

So guys that's all, after the last step you start making notes about the things you have to do each day, your meal plans, workout plans,etc.

I'll make another article about each month set up. All the photos above are mine, of my bullet journal, you can find them also in my profile. This is mi 3rd article of the year, down below you have my collection with my two previous articles so check it out. Hope you like eat.

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Bye bye!

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