Bella's recent look is serving us major #girlboss vibes! its amazing how she was able to infuse street style (denim trousers, denim jacket and a leather jacket) and office wear together (pumps).

If you're looking for some new #Girlboss outfit ideas, then try getting inspiration from this look!

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How to achieve this look:

1. Get a leather jacket

A leather jacket is such a nice statement piece! its the perfect layer to add on top of a denim jacket - as it makes an ordinary denim jacket look sophisticated.

Make sure that the leather jacket that you get is longer than your denim jacket, so that it is easier to layer on top of your denim jacket.

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2. Get a black turtle neck

A black turtle neck matches perfectly with a black leather jacket and makes an outfit nice and chic.

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3. Get a denim jacket

A denim jacket goes really well with a black leather jacket because they both make an outfit look modern and classy.

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4. Get denim trousers

Co-ordinate denim jeans with your denim jacket. This will make your outfit look well put together and organised .

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5. Get black heels

Black heels will match perfectly with a black leather jacket and will make your outfit look sleek and fancy. Black heels will definitely add some cool #Girlboss vibes to your outfit.

You can either go for some black ankle sock boots this outfit or some black pumps!

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6. Get some cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses are the perfect accessory to add to this outfit! because they add a modern-business-chic touch to this look.

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