The most important day of the week is before the week even begins: sunday. Starting the week of with a good mindset can lead to a positive five days to follow.

Coffee/ Tea:
Start the day with a warm beverage of your choosing. Especially in the winter. For me at least it puts me in a good and productive mood. You can even put on a good youtube video to spark creativity. I'd recommend Kalyn Nicholson or IIsuperwomanII.

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Take sunday to finish any work/homework, then clean up your room/house/apartment. It can be cleaning out your closet and donating old clothes or it can be the stereotypical cleaning (vacuuming, dishes, laundry, etc.). This puts in a fresh mindset for the upcoming week.

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self care:
I suggest a hair/face mask to start the week. It'll help to clean your skin and make you feel good about yourself. On top of this you could run a bubble bath and pamper yourself. That always helps.

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Go to bed early:
Even though it's the weekend and you'll want to stay up as long as possible you should go to bed at a reasonable time so that it won't be such a shock to your body when you wake up early the next morning. It's definitely easier said than done.

Thanks for reading my first ever article. I hope you like it and read more to come.