Always, when we come back from a place we love, or when a period of our lives ends, our feelings are kind of inexplicable.
Maybe is for the sadness we feel for leaving something behind.
Maybe is for the depression for what it's waiting for us when we finally arrive.
Maybe is happiness, because we know we will always have memories and pics for living again those moments.
Maybe is hope for what the future is going to bring.
Maybe is gratitude for being able to do what we did.
Sometimes, our bigger fear is the people.
Are they going to change until we see them again?
Are we going to miss them the time we're far away?
We don't really know.
So, why are we getting worried and sad about it? Isn't better to keep the great memories that comfort us when we're in a bad mood and remind us that if we fight for what we really want, dreams can come true?

Hey everyone, this is my first ever article on WHI and I'm kind of excited because I really love this page. The text I shared with you is originally written in Spanish 'cause it's my first language. I've tried my best doing the translation but it possibly has a lot of mistakes. Sorry for that, I'm still learning. Kind corrections are very welcomed. Thank you xoxo

Original version here, in case you want to read it:

Siempre, cuando volvemos de un lugar que nos gusta o cuando se acaba una etapa de nuestra vida, sentimos una mezcla de emociones y sentimientos que nos es un poco imposible descifrar.
Quizás es tristeza por dejar algo atrás.
Quizás es depresión por saber lo que nos espera a nuestra llegada.
Quizás es alegría porque siempre podemos contar con recuerdos y fotos para revivir los momentos.
Quizás es esperanza porque nunca sabemos que nos depara el futuro.
Quizás es agradecimiento, por haber podido hacer lo que hicimos.
A veces, nuestro mayor temor son las personas.
¿Cuánto cambiarán hasta que volvamos a verlos?
¿Cuánto los extrañaremos mientras estemos separados?
No lo sabemos.
Entonces: ¿para qué nos preocupamos y nos entristecemos? ¿No es mejor quedarse con los recuerdos agradables que nos reconfortan en los malos momentos y nos demuestran que si luchamos por lo que queremos, lo conseguimos?


Thank you again for reading. The text is written by me so if you share it somewhere please give credits.
Lots of love,
Arwen <3