One of the important things in life that I learned until now is that you should not try to be someone else. Don’t do it! I did that and later I realised that I was unhappy.

I had periods when I didn’t like myself and I was trying to be someone else. I was always dissatisfied about myself and everything around me. I started to lose my friends and I didn’t really enjoyed my life.

This period was the result of some changes which have happen in my life. I fell in love, I moved to another school, I had to make new friends. I thought that it will be easy, but it wasn’t. It was harder than I expected to make new friends. They laughed at me because I was wearing glasses and for the way I dressed.

The boy that I fell in love for was in love with a girl. For some time I tried to be like that girl. This was completely wrong.

This was happen until the day I understand that I am very important to myself. To be happy you should love yourself firstly. Be yourself no matter what the others are saying and don’t try to change yourself for a boy.

And now I’m very happy because I love myself and I don’t want to change that. So, I tell you: be yourself no matter what others say, try to develop yourself and don’t pretend your are like someone else.

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