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I hope everyone is having a good day. Today, I'm back with another music article. So, indie and rock music are my favorite genres and there are a ton of bands and artists that I feel don't get the credit they deserve.

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Here are 10 of my favorites, in no particular order, and some of my favorite songs by them. If you listen, I hope you really enjoy them!

1. Bad Suns

band, indie, and music image

// Disappear Here
// We Move Like the Ocean
// Rearview
// Salt

2. Hippo Campus

hippo campus image

// Suicide Saturday
// baseball
// Way It Goes
// warm glow


band and dwntwn image

// Til Tomorrow
// Skins
// Stood Me Up
// Missing You
// Blankets

4. Coin

band, coin, and music image

// Talk Too Much
// Boyfriend
// Run

5. St. Lucia

80s, band, and indie image
// Elevate // Closer Than This

6. Catfish and the Bottlemen

band and catfish and the bottlemen image

// Pacifier
// Homesick
// Cocoon
// Fallout

7. The Virgins

band, indie, and music image

// Prima Materia
// Rich Girls
// Love Is Colder Than Death
// Impressions of You

8. The Revivalists

band and the revivalists image

// Wish I Knew You
// Monster
// Fade Away

9. House of Lions

band, boys, and indie image

// Supernova
// Uncruel

10. Atlas Genius

atlas genius image

// If So
// Trojans
// Back Seat

#11. Relient K

band, music, and relient k image

// If I Could Take You Home
// Lost Boy
// PTL
// Don't Blink
// Boomerang

Okay! I hope you enjoyed!

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