I have recently finished a viual novel called Butterfly Soup. And I must say it`s the best game I`ve ever played. I fell in love with the characters right away, and it was amazing to join their jurney through the game. The story is really funny, and the drawings are amazing.

The game is about four Asian-American girls. Diya, Min-Seo, Noelle and Akarsha. Four very different girls.
The story cycles through each of their perspectives as things unfold. This gives context for each character’s behavior, and some insight on why they’re friends despite seemingly being incompatible with each other.
The game mostly revolves around the love story between Diya and Min-seo, who became very close in elementary school until Min moved away, but now find themselves reunited after Min’s family moved back. Min tries to confess their feelings to Diya, while Diya starts to figure out that her feelings for Min are different than for her other friends.

The game is written by Brianna Lei, and if you love virutal novels or some really good stories I would recomend this game. The game is free and you can download it on itch.io

Love, Tora