So, recently I've been feeling particularly ugly and wanted to do something that will boost my self-esteem. These are the things I want to change or upgrade in myself. Let's begin!

- Look put together all the time!
- Organize your clothes!
- Think about outfit ideas and choose one every night!

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-Moisturize every week!
-Eat healthier!
- Dance or do some exercises!
-Feel cool in your body and don't be afraid to move in front of people!

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-Simply: STUDY!
(Actually I'M pretty proud of myself because I'm becoming less and less lazy )

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Just random things:

-Organize your music lists and listen to different genres!
-Take care of you skin and hair!
-Try different beauty products!
-Be passionate and let yourself be loved!
-Do NOT care about others and their opinions!

Some quotes :

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