I'm suppose to be happy right now. I have prom in April, Graduation in May, 18th birthday in June and then College maybe.. But see people have bullshit expectations and I don't follow bullshit.

I just think it's funny how...

~People think they know me better than I know me
~If I'm not happy at home then I'm selfish
~People just suddenly decided that wrong is right
~You're suppose to break your neck to speak to someone, who deadass would not do the same.
~Even though I'm a human like everybody else Im not allowed to feel sad, disappointed, irritated etc
~The mood is all time happy.
~I'm only 17 and I don't even want my life majority of the time.
~Adults think it's disrespectful when you don't let them disrespect you.
~We're suppose to forget wtf someone did just because their an adult.
~Everything I say is automatically negative when I'm just being honest

I'm done, I don't want any of this. Not this world or these lame nobody ass people that come with it. I'm leaving when I graduate. I just want to disappear for 3 years.. Go see the Oceans. I hate feeling like this. I need a break.

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