"Do not chase another human being. Instead, chase your curiosity. Chase your development and your goals. Chase your passion. Strive to work for something bigger than yourself, and instead of trying to convince someone that you fit within their world, strive to build your own.
-Bianca Sparacino

Each of us has to build their own world. After finishing school it is time to decide what we want to do for our future. Go to collage or to university? Just start working? Move away? I can imagine how hard it is going be to decide because it is basically one of the biggest decisions for your life but the important thing is that we don't let us stop from anyone. If you have a dream and you know you really want to do it because it is the right thing for you, it is the thing that sets your heart on fire just keep fighting for it until you reached your goal. We should be able to be who and what we want. Nobody can tell you that your wishes and dreams are stupid or unrealistic. You are powerful and ambitious enough to do everything for it. You also decide which people are good for you and which of them you want to keep in your life. Also just let toxic people go. If they make you unhappy and make you feel insecure about yourself just let them go. Tell them to piss off. For example I see sometimes people who used to play a big role in my life and I just tell myself in five years they are not going to be in my life anymore because I don't want them to. Another topic is as a girl/women we have to handle challenging situations quite often while we are chasing our dreams and that is not fair I know but we deserve to be successful. Be a badass, show them that you worked hard to get whatever you wanted and that you are going to rock it. Blow their minds with your confidence, mind and attitude. Make them never forget your face and name. Remember that you control your life, no one else.
Thank you for reading this article.