• Avocados
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It is rich in L-carnitine that can metabolize fat cells.
  • Blueberries
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They contain soluble fiber to help you feel full for longer periods of time.
  • Green Tea
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It contains a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant that boosts metabolism.
  • Grapefruit
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It is known to help boost metabolism.
  • Almonds
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They contain zinc and Vitamin B to help curb any cravings for sugar.
  • Oatmeal
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It contains soluble fiber that can also help you feel fuller longer.
  • Salmon
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It has proteins to help build muscle for efficient fat-burning.
  • Flaxseeds
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Flaxseeds contains a high amount of dietary fiber which is important for weight loss.
  • Oranges
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They can promote the natural production of L-carnitine which is a compound that reduces fat.  Also, the high fiber content of oranges also helps curb the appetite.
  • Tomatoes
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They contain a fat-burning compound called 9-oxo-ODA (octadecadienoic) which is found in red fruits. It also contains lycopene and beta-carotene that can help in reducing stubborn belly fat.
  • Hot Peppers
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They contain capsaicin which is a compound that helps increase metabolism so that you can speed up the conversion of belly fat to energy.
  • Apples
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They contain high amounts of pectin which binds with water which fills your stomach as well as limits the amount of fat that your body absorbs.
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
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Apple cider vinegar helps in the digestion of food as well as regulate the blood glucose level.
  • Cinnamon
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One tablespoon of cinnamon can help regulate the blood sugar level.
  • Quinoa
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Protein-rich food is ideal for muscle building.
  • Pine nuts
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Cinnamon contain compounds that can suppress the appetite by working against the hunger hormone ghrelin.
  • Bananas 
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They have high amounts of soluble fiber that helps slow down digestion.
  • Mushrooms
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They are very low in calories and fat. They also contain potassium, which is necessary for improved blood pressure and blood sugar regulation.
  • Coconut Oil
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Coconut oil is easily digested by the body and converted into energy.
  • Sweet Potatoes
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They are low in calories but are high in fiber.
  • Lentils
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They are high in fiber that helps you feel full for a long time.
  • Eggs
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They contain healthy fats and good cholesterol.
  • Olive Oil
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It has anti-inflammatory benefits which can benefit anyone struggling with diseases like fibromyalgia, diabetes, skin problems and obesity.
  • Chicken Breast
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It is high in quality protein which can help you build lean muscle.
  • Greek Yogurt
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It contains higher amounts of protein and less sugar than regular yogurt has necessary amino acids for muscle building.
  • Broccoli
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They are low in calories but high in nutrients and fiber thus it can aid in weight loss.
  • Asparagus
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It's a natural diuretic, it can help rid the body of excess water.
  • Kidney Beans
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It is rich in iron, potassium, and magnesium which protect the body against the accumulation of fats and bad cholesterol.
  • Goji Berries
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They help regulate blood sugar levels.  They also contain chromium which is an important trace element for preserving lean muscle mass and regulating the blood sugar levels.
  • Kale
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The high amount of antioxidants in kale can fight off inflammatory diseases including obesity.