• Im Jaebum
got7, jaebum, and JB image blue, aesthetic, and quotes image
Indigo - mysterious, natural, deep.
  • Mark Tuan
kpop, lq, and mark tuan image aesthetic, dark, and god image
Green - calm, spectral, comforting.
  • Jackson Wang
kpop, got7, and jackson image rose, jeans, and red image
Red - strong, powerful, extreme.
  • Park Jinyoung
got7, kpop, and jinyoung image Image removed
Blue - clear, inspirational, calming.
  • Choi Youngjae
got7, youngjae, and choi youngjae image honey, sweet, and yellow aesthetic image
Yellow - bright, positive, vivid
  • Kunpimook Bhuwakul
asian, beautiful, and black image Image by Private User
Violet - intense, fancy, sensitive.
  • Kim Yugyeom
idol, got7, and kpop image quotes, neon, and friends image
Orange - happy, energetic, wild.