Hi Hearters,

I thought this is a fun and interesting way to find out more about me. :)


city, budapest, and beautiful image travel, architecture, and budapest image europe, tram, and city image city, car, and street image budapest, hungary, and city image city, budapest, and travel image
I live in Budapest, Hungary.


mirjam flatau image vans, outfit, and shorts image clothes, shirt, and flannel image fashion, watch, and black image
Converse & Vans shoes, checked shirts, jeans, comfy t-shirts, hoodies, DW watch and silver jewelry.


flowers, coffee, and pink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It amazing, decoration, and house image white, room, and home image
White walls, minimal design, pastel pink and gray decor.


city, light, and train image travel and passport image Image by I N G R I D angie, best friends, and summer image music, rain, and iphone image book, coffee, and drink image
Travelling, taking photos, listening to music, skateboarding, reading.


study, motivation, and studying image book, coffee, and study image usa, flag, and america image adventure, british, and city image
I study English Studies at university. I speak Hungarian and English.

Favourite Drink

Image removed Image by 🌈 winter, snow, and christmas image fruit, food, and summer image
Coffee, shake, hot chocolate and juice.

Favourite Food

food, burger, and fries image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 food, healthy, and lunch image food, breakfast, and waffles image pizza, food, and yummy image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
French fries are my favourite ever. And hamburger, donuts, gyros, chicken, waffles, pankcakes, pizza, and so on.

Favourite flower

flowers, pink, and rose image flower, flowers, and roses image flowers, pink, and rose image 2016, fall, and margaret image
White and pastel pink flowers are my favourites.

Favourite car

car, luxury, and silver image 2016, black, and car image cars image car, luxury, and black image audi, car, and black image car, eleanor, and mustang image
Ford Mustang, Camaro SS, Dodge, Audi, Eleanor.

Favourite Movie

forrest gump, bird, and child image quotes, star wars, and Anakin Skywalker image baby, couple, and johnny image lauryn hill and sister act image sandra bullock, the proposal, and ryan reynolds image funny, movie, and the heat image
Forrest Gump, Star Wars, Dirty Dancing, Sister Act, The Proposal, The Heat.

Favourite Series

criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and spencer reid image 24, cell, and tv image love, gossip girl, and chuck bass image bones, booth, and emily deschanel image
Criminal Minds, 24, Gossip Girl and Bones.

Favourite City

new york, city, and nyc image london, city, and travel image
New York, London and a lot more.

Have a nice day! :)