Hello everyone,
I return in a new article today which is going to speak decoration, more specially rooms.
I want to show you my inspirations for the room and of it more or less she it is constituted.
First, I begin by showing you my style of room and then I show you what inspires me.
soooo, let's go!

My room:

How is (more or less) my room

Image removed Image by lilxhoney
My room is mainly based on the white and silvery colors. There are inside modern elements but also elements seeming older.

My inspiration:

Image removed bedroom, bed, and home image gucci, shoes, and black image Image by ♡ It girℓ ♡ bedroom, home, and room image design, bedroom ideas, and small bedrooms image

I know, I konw, it's not very original as bedroom or inspiration.
But if you saw my first article (My Clothing style), you can see that I do not have not a very original or outstanding clothing style. Thus my room follows my clothing style. About of simple, little loaded in color with some touches sometimes. (The only touches of colors which I sometimes bring to my room is the red of Rose)


Here we are, it is the end of my article, I hope that it will have pleased and inspired you or will have given you, maybe, decorating ideas!
If you have the same style of decoration as me or if you try simply to be inspired, I invite you to subscribe to my collection which I put you below.

xx, EM