Phone cutting in and out, this God damn reception again...

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I missed two calls and when we talk you ask me why you're in an ambulance.

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I dropped my phone as I go numb, until I saw your face.

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You smiled at me and said, "I've never felt this kind of pain, help me."

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I promise, we've got this, don't let them win.

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Cause forever, forever's not suppose to end.

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Late on the street, you heard the screams and you saw her getting beat.

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No shock to me, you jumped between,

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now we're racing to surgery.

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They wouldn't let me come with.

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The last thing I heard them say, "I think we're losing him."

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I promise, we've got this, don't let them win.

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Cause forever, forever's not suppose to end.

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Like you said to me once, there's no me, without us.

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"We got this" - Madina Lake

Hey guys, this song is so special to me. In this article I decided to show a couple but the true story is about twin brothers Matthew and Nathan Leone, members of Madina Lake. This episode happened to Matthew. He almost died trying to save a woman who was being beaten by her husband in the street. This man severely hit Matthew, and then the couple left him unconscious... Just to give you an idea of how much he was injured : a third of his skull was removed... Fortunately, he's fine now. This event happened in 2010 in Chicago. At the time I remained speechless about what occurred and today I'm still very moved when I listen to this song. This is why I decided to share it with you. I invite you to listen to their other songs, this band is so amazing.

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