Wake Up:
I wake up between 8-9 AM. Start your day with a positive mindset. “A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug” ✨

Social Media:
I like to go on social media for a little bit to wake me up 📱

  • Bath & Body Works Body Wash.
  • Summers Eve Wash
  • Clean & Clear Rapid Acting Face Wash

After I get out of the shower I put lotion all over my body & I brush my teeth. I recently got a lip scrub from Lush called “The Kiss” and I’m obsessed with it! I like to use the lip scrub in the morning but also before I go to bed.

I also top it off with some perfume. I love wearing perfume and my all time favorite perfume is Noir Tease from Victoria’s Secret. Right now I’m also loving Amber Romance from Victoria’s Secret 😋

After that I go in the kitchen and make myself some breakfast. I usually pour myself a glass of water with lemon or juice & eat a bagel with creme cheese or Fruit 🍎🍑🍊🍌🍏🥝

I then go about my day!