Our lives are full of ups and downs. No one can deny this. We can be successful and happy one minute, the other we are desperate and miserable. We live in a world full of competition, comparison and envy. We, women are driven by success. We are driven by being known as Strong, goal-diggers and " independent " women. But sometimes we happen to not distinguish between competition and envy.
Many women nowadays want success. I mean, who doesn't? But some of us, at the expense of other others' failure.
When you're scrolling through instagram or facebook, and you stumble on a friend's post or picture referring to their success in any given thing, you feel that tiny little twinge in your stomach, don't you? Let's be real. We all do. And that's totally normal, because at some point, we think we are less qualified for and less worthy of success. But don't let that take over. Rather, make it a motivator for you to start working on yourself. Don't let it affect you negatively, but positively. Make it boost your confidence and get your ass to work. Instead of feeling worthless and comparing yourself to other people, befriend them. Being around successful and knowledgeable people is always good. Learn from them, support them, and the positive energy will automatically reach you. Wishing and talking ill for others will not but only bring you down, and make you even more miserable. Remember, only good people with sound hearts wish goodness for others. Only positive minds support others.