I am with someone new now
I thought he is different
I hope he is different
but he did not.

I am with new guy now
I thought he will take care of me
I hope he will take care of me
but he did not.

I am with someone new now
I thought it was love
I hope it was love
but it is not

I know you did not read this. I was hoping you read this. No. I do not want you read this. I thought you read my previous articles but you did not. I am tired to argue with you. I am tired to tell you how to treat me. I know you have tried but sometimes you did not care. You repeat the same thing. The same thing after I told you why it annoyed me at the first place. Maybe you forget. Maybe you insensitive.

You told me that boys is stupid when it comes to girls' feelings. I think the right term you been looking is boys insensitive to girls' feeling and ignorant to notice the hint. Should I mention it again and again?

I guess it was my fault. I was hurt too deep before until I am expecting someone perfect to be with me. I thought it was you but as the time pass I notice you start to change to become like him. Of course, I do not want that.

Maybe you will read this later and that's mean I am no longer with you. I am sorry for everything. I am sorry because I break my promises. I am happy with you but you are not someone in my long-term. I could not spend my time with you longer because it will become toxic. I am thankful found you because you give me hope. You help me a lot. One fine day I will repay it. I hope you will find someone better than me and please promise me you never treat her like my ex treated me.

Thank you for everything.