I woke up and made breakfast, waffle, kiwi, strawberries and coffee again.
We went to pool, it was sunny for a while but then it got cloudy and it wasn't warm anymore, but it was nice to get some tan for a while.
I went to hotel room and others went to look for a place to eat. I think after a hour I left and called my mom asking where they were, so I went to the place where they were. I ordered a toast with onions and cheese + fries and a reeeeally delicious drink.

banana, fries, and juice image

After eating I asked my mom to take photos of me... well at least she tried, the pictures were horrible and I looked like a potato.
We were walking back to our hotel and on our way we stopped to buy some ice cream, there were so many flavors and they all looked delicious. I'm definetly going back to that place again, I took REDBULL ICE CREAM I didnt even knew that excisted.

candy, delicious, and drink image

These people I was talking about In my last article who were somekind of relatives to us stopped buy to bring my grandma a gift and flowers because it's her birthday soon. They stayed to our hotel room and we were just talking about stuff for like 3hours or so.

When they finally left we went to this siammall shopping centre again, I bought jeans, t-shirt and chokers. Pull&Bear and Bershka have so nice clothes! I really recommend to check out them If you never havent.
Then we went to grocerystore again and left the mall, sunset was again so pretty!

clouds, yellow, and holiday image canary islands, clouds, and palm trees image

In our hotel room I ate really big salad and after that I washed my face and went to sleep.

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