Not all of these shows will be for everyone,
I understand that and so should you.
So if you're planning on shit talking me, or anyone else who watches/wants to watch a show on this list just because you didn't like it,
then leave.
Additionally, please remember that this is my opinion! Don't feel like you have to agree with it, but please give it a chance and hear me out.
Finally, if anyone has any show recommendations for me then please message me!!

stranger things, quotes, and mike image

Starting with something obvious because I know that most of you have already seen this show, and if you haven't, then I know that every other person has told you that you just need to. But truthfully, you do.
The acting in this show is straight up outstanding, and the characters are so real. This show genuinely has something in it for everyone. You may not understand all the 80s references, but that doesn't mean you can't understand the plot. The visuals in this show are stunning and I promise you that it is worth the watch. (I've watched it through 4 times and it only gets better.)
The first time I watched this show I had some trouble pushing through the first 2 episodes, and some people who I've spoken to about it told me they felt the same, so if you feel like it isn't for you after just one episode, I encourage you to push on until at least episode 3 or 4 before making up your mind.

criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and thomas gibson image

If you love crime shows or mysteries, then THIS IS FOR YOU!!
Sure, this show has a lot of seasons, but the great thing about it is that while there may be a background overarching plot, each episode has it's own little one-episode plot. So you don't need to have watched the whole thing to enjoy the show or understand what's going on.
It's a great show to watch if you're bored and just kind of want something to do for little bit, or if you're looking for something to binge watch, and I promise you it will make you want to go into forensic science as a career.

(plus, Spencer Reid is my baby and I adore him with my whole ass heart)
If you aren't looking to watch the whole thing, then in my opinion pick episodes from seasons 4-9.

gif, brooklyn nine nine, and gina linetti image

God bless this show for existing.
This show is so hilariously funny and easy to watch (with only 20 minute episodes), you'll have finished the whole thing in a week.
This show is one of the only shows I know that has perfectly balanced being funny, and still commenting on society's negative behavior and attitudes without letting it dominate the show or being offensive.
Not only that, but there is great representation here for POC and LGBTQ+ communities. These characters are not defined by their ethnicity or sexuality, and have fully developed personalities that extend beyond the stereotypical undeveloped characters you usually expect to see in this kind of show.
And while these traits do not define these characters, it is not ignored that the characters belonging to these groups face hardships that others do not have to.

tv show image

This show is weird as fuck, but that's why I love it.
Not for the faint of heart, or those just looking for a laugh, this show has some seriously wild stuff going on that kind of leaves you wondering who the hell comes up with this stuff.
But if you are the kind of person who is into that Bonnie and Clyde True Romance kind of stuff then you will love this!
(this show also reminds me of the song Robbers by The 1975 which is my favourite song of all time so I love this show)

Image by Mariana Pinto

I don't even really feel like I need to explain this one, but Friends is a funny, lighthearted, easy-to-reference-in-everyday-conversations-and-at-least-one-person-will-always-get-it-because-everyone-loves-Friends, kind of show.
Be warned though, it is highly addictive and will definitely make you want to move to New York and live in an apartment with your friends.

scream, carlson young, and brooke image

A quick watch but a good watch. Based off the horror movie "Scream", this show is short but addictive, and stays pretty true to the vibe of the satirical original piece.
You don't need to have watched the original to understand the plot, but I think it would definitely help in appreciating why the show goes in the directions it does.

how i met your mother, quotes, and himym image

Tbh I would die for this show.
Another funny, easy to watch or just have on in the background I-want-to-move-to-New-York-with-my-friends sitcom that is highly addictive. With 9 seasons, I think everyone who has seen the show will agree that the earlier seasons are probably the best, so if you don't plan to watch it all, stick with the earlier episodes.

riverdale, jughead, and cole sprouse image

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I actually don't really like this show.
The acting is pretty average, the plot has absolutely no element of reality, is predictable and tiring, and, all the actors who are supposed to be playing 16 year olds are actually in their 20s and look absolutely NOTHING like teenagers really look.

But fuck, this show is addictive. I have no idea why I keep watching it but here I am every Thursday watching it on Netflix, and for what? I don't know!! There are so many people who will read this and understand what I mean and I just need more people to understand what I'm feeling so I can rant about it with them.

annalise keating and criminal law image

Unpopular opinion, but the first season is the best.
I enjoyed this show more because I studied criminal law in school and all the terminology and stuff made a decent amount of sense to me, so I felt really smart, but regardless of that this show has some amazing actors and a really cleverly crafted plot with big payoff in the season finale. The way this show chose to do the narrative progression is unique and entrancing, I highly recommend.

australia, best friends, and girls image

Some true aussie culture right here.
To tell you the truth, you'll probably have more luck understanding this show if you know a little bit of Australian slang, but who knows, it might even be more entertaining to try and guess.
This show is a funny insight into what it was like to grow up in Australia in the 70/80s AND the series can be found easily on youtube, so good for those without netflix.
Also one of the main characters is Sara from the Arkangel episode of black mirror (another great show)

freaks and geeks, quotes, and grunge image

You know you need to watch it, I know you need to watch it. So watch it.
A classic but short lived series from the 90s about High School and its suckiness.
Incredibly relatable and good for my aesthetic.

funny, nap, and that 70s show image

12. THAT 70s SHOW
Golden, funny, Mila and Ashton. What more do you want?
Another sitcom show with some super funny one liners you probably have reblogged/retweeted/hearted or seen referenced often.

gilmore girls, funny, and rory image

I thought I would hate this show but now it's one of my all time favourites. Just give it a chance and you won't regret it.
The relationship between Rory and her mother is adorable and their banter together (and with the addition of the coffee shop guy and the grandparents) is SO funny.
I really love the name Rory and was kind of worried this show would ruin it for me, but if anything I love it more.

boy meets world, feminism, and quotes image

An oldie but a goodie. SUCH important life lessons being taught, but done in a way that doesn't completely overwhelm you. Plus, I love Shawn Hunter so damn much, and Topanga is so kick ass I love her.