I went to school when I read an article about your death. I thought it was a joke and I was hoping. But it was not. When I got home, I saw all the articles about you. After I saw Sm confirmed that my heart broke thousands of pieces. My mother asked me what was going on with me, but I could not say anything. I was destroyed. I did not know how to react. I did not cry. After the funeral, I realized you were gone. Since then I've been crying almost daily.
I always look in the sky and look for a sign from you. I always talk to you, even if you do not answer, I know you listen to me. There is not a day when I do not think of you. Don’t worry about the other Shinee members, we shawols will take care of them. You were the most talented artist. You did not deserve all the pain. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry I did not see your pain. I was a bad fan. Forgive me. I'm sorry this world did not treat you the way you deserved. It's still hard to accept that you left, but I want to let you rest in peace. Your music touched so many lives and changed so many people around the world. You saved me. I'm sorry I could not do the same thing. Thank you for making me happy with your music and your words. Thank you for everything you did. There are many things I want to say, but they will not describe my feelings about you. I want you to rest in peace, probably the only thing you wanted. Kim Jonghyun, you were and you are loved forever. I love you so much my beautiful angel. We will never forget you. It is impossible to forget such a wonderful man.
You've done so well! You worked hard!
Goodbye until we meet again. I love you!!