hi guys !
i really wanted to share with you my experiences,and here am I.
this is my first article,i hope you like it !
Idk about you,but music is the influencer for my mood.

1.Skrillex-Bun Up the Dance (such a nice song,probabily the only dubstep song i love )

2. Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B-Finesse( is that type of song when you first don't like it,but then i will transform into your fave song,trust me,plus that '80-'90 vibe ayy)

3. JP Cooper-She's On My Mind(this song "Is On My Mind",love it so much,and JP is amazing)

4.Charli XCX & David Guetta-Dirty Sexy Money(i first heard this song whle i was talking to my crush at the phone and i was like <<that's a sign for sure>>)

5.N-FASIS - Lento(this song is so so funny,the singer's face damnn and idk i actually like this song)

6.Graham Coxon- Walking All Day(this is from "The End Of The F***ing World" i love the song and the series sooo much,can't wait for season 2)