Hi guys,today I want to write about the little things.
Have any of you had a rough day or bad day and you felt like you do not want to live anymore? -I do-

Before, I was to dumb to realize these little things that happened in my life. I always looking for the big signs. I always felt like nobody loves me and I was alone in this world. I almost gave up in everything but then there is one rough day I realized that why should I focus on my problems, how useless I am and how this world reacted to me. Instead, I found a solution to oversee these things and I tried to focus on what is the little things happened to me on my rough day and be grateful to that.

I know some of you might said this is obvious but for me I was to blind to notice it. I always forgot that God send helps not in a direct way but in humankind. After I realize this, I become grateful to another human being and be more positive in my life. I do not care whatever my day would be as long as I know someone will make it better for me.

I am not saying I do not feel sad anymore. As a human being, I do feel sad sometimes and let my emotions carried me away but I do not let myself sobbing for too long. When something happened or someone tried to cheer me up I let that emotion carried me on that day. I cannot say it was enough for a few days or weeks but I can say it was enough for me to remember that.

And I realize one more thing. After I did this I become a cheerful person again and it attracts more people to come in my life and stay.

Anyway, thank you for reading guys and I am sorry for any grammar mistake here because my English a bit rustic and it is not my primary language though. Have a fun day peeps!!