It was when that horrible word left your lips
That was when I broke down
When the tears started to stream down my face
And when I couldn’t control myself anymore
It was all of those times I had been praying, that it you wouldn’t get it
That you couldn’t get it, that it had to be something else
But as soon as you sat down, wanting to speak with me, I knew it
I knew that the illness had hid you
I didn’t think clear when you said the word, I didn’t know what to think
I didn’t know that it could be possible
It was like a hurricane had started in my head, in my thoughts and in my mind
Like I couldn’t lose you
Like you didn’t deserve this
Like everything just came crashing down on you, and that this reality, could not be real
I’d hoped that you were joking, or that it was just some bad dream
I didn’t think that this would be my new reality
I didn’t know what to think
And I still don’t
It’s so sick
It’s so tragic
I hate it

And when you held me tight, telling me that you weren’t going to let go yet, the tears started to stream down my face again, and the hurricane got bigger
It destroyed the whole city
Killing anything and everything that was in its way
It was an unstoppable thing, that was going on inside me
It was like my soul was gone, and left was only my body

I love you daddy.
And I’m not ready to let you go yet.