Today many people do not value what is really a woman, because in these times there are many definitions and concepts that have nothing to do with the concept of being a woman. Being a woman is something perfect and divine in every way, being a woman is giving color, life and detail to the simplest thing you can find. A woman accepts her defects, she is beautiful as she is, she can not judge herself, because she is perfect just as she is. To be a woman is to be as feminine as everyone wants, so that she feels better and is at ease with herself. To be a woman is to value all women as individuals and not as someone's property. To be a woman is to fight for what each person has in spite of any difficulty that they face, a woman who can fall at times but who gets up every time someone does it. A woman raised in strong and independent children despite the circumstances. To be a woman is to cry quietly the pains of life and smile for just a second, is stumble, fall and walk again. It is being chosen to bring life to the world. Is to be a princess at 15, beautiful at 20, passionate at 30, unforgettable at 40, lady and queen for life. It's being a woman who does not need anyone to survive on. Woman that vibrates with the simplicity of life, a woman who values ​​herself without needing anyone.
Being a woman is wonderfully perfect.