If you're like me, then you get REALLY into Spotify. I love making playlists for different feelings and occasions in my own life, as well as looking at other's playlists and gaining inspiration from them.

I just revamped my playlists and my favorite has to be the my high school playlist. Like the title suggests, it's basically all of the music I was obsessed with in late middle school and early high school. Here are a few songs I have on my playlist...

Maroon 5: She Will Be Loved

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Adam Levine
Can anyone else remember this song coming on the radio and singing it at the top of your lungs? I was (and still am) in love with this song and the idea of a guy feeling this way about me.

The Fray: You Found Me

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This is such an emotional song... I feel like I didn't really see that when I was in middle school blasting this song into my headphones. This is one of those songs that you go back and listen to with a new appreciation.

Taylor Swift: Crazier

Taylor Swift image
I fell in love with this song the second I heard it off of the Hannah Montana movie. I loved it so much that I had my mom teach me the basic chords on the piano. I played it over and over again.

Jonas Brothers: When You Look Me in The Eyes

Image by Ann
Guys... love doesn't even begin to express my obsession with these boys when I was 13... It is so funny to think about now. All I know is that I'm 19 years-old and the second I found this song I realized I STILL knew all of the words!

Owl City: Fireflies

Adam Young and Owl City image
This song was so popular! It was played at every party, on everyone's iPod, and was everyone's favorite. So of course, it was my favorite too. I mean... come on... it's pretty catchy.


Thank you guys for reading this! Let me know if I picked a song that you remember listening to and tell me about some songs that I missed. Follow me on Spotify to see the rest of the songs on my high school playlist as well as all of my other playlists!

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