I love this show, it´s super fun to watch and it´s also very interesting.

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Orange Is The New Black

I really like this show because is based on how the inmates live in jail and their different stories.

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Modern Family

The reason why I like this show is because I can really relate to it as it is about the problems and situations family go nowadays

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Grey´s anatomy

I started to watch this show just because I wanted to be a doctor but it really caught me and now I´m about to finish the last season and i have fallen in love with almost every character

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Stranger Things

This show is amazing I can't get enough of it, it´s sooooo good and interesting, if you like shows about fiction romance and a little bit of horror, you should definitely watch it

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The end of the F###ing world

This is one of my favorite shows, it s about a guy who thinks he is a psychopath and likes to kill small animals but one day he decide to kill something bigger (like a human) so he chooses a new girl from school but he decides to be his friend first, and it shows all of the adventures they go through and it´s really goo, I´m a huge fan (plus the main character (James) is really hot)

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