Hi, everyone.
Well, I always write about school or study and what I think about the school but today I will write about my "experience" in love.
I have had 3 important people in my life and they have taught me something different.
I will talk about 3 persons who have marked my life, even though they haven't been the only ones in my life.

My first love

Ok, his name was Diego and he was a year and a half younger than me. We were in secondary school. I met him in a school festival and I taught him to dance salsa there. Two weeks later we became boyfriends. During the relationship we felt a lot of things like sadness, hapiness, fear and we thought we would be together forever and it was not like that. We were together 7 months and we broke up because I did not feel the same anymore. I broke his heart even though it wasn't my intension.

My second love

Two months after my break up with Diego, I met Max. He was the person I loved the most. We met in a course to enter to the high school and since I saw him I felt different. I knew he wold be different unlike my previous lovers.
I don´t know if he really loved me or not, but I felt like I was in paradise.
We learned a lot from each other and learned how we like to be loved.
After 6 months of being together we started to fight for everything. We had a very painful break up and I think nobody has been able to get Max out of my heart.
I think I miss everything I felt with him.

My recent feelings with someone

I met my best friend in August when I entered school. His name is Willi, not William, not Willie, just Willi, and we started talking more and more until we became best friends. I started to feel something for him and I thought he would be who change my concept of love, but it was not like that.
We started dating, we started to change our relationship in a loving way ... or that's what I thought.
I thought he felt more than friendly love because we were like a couple because I strongly believe that friends do not kiss on their lips, do not sleep in the same bed, do not miss each other the whole damn day but the love was just in my mind because when I had the courage to tell him what I felt for him, he told me that I deserve someone better than him but I am not stupid he said that because he didn´t want to be with me.

We continue talking but it is not the friendship that used to be.
Please, if you find yourself in a situation like this please don't feel bad, he or she is telling you the truth, you deserve someone better. You deserve someone who loves you always, not just when he or she feels alone or miserable with their life.
This was my most recent heart break.

I really enjoy to study but I also enjoy sharing the most important of my life with someone that I love because not all is the school, we have to take a break with the persons we love like friends, family or your couple. You will learn a lot with every single person that take part of your life in a good or bad way.
I know I have been hurted but I will not give up in finding the right person.

I hope you have learned something with this article.
Read you later. Love ya.x