I trusted you! And now I can't.
I can't be even remotely friends if I can't trust you.
But what hurts the most is you don't even look bothered. You brushed it off like it was just dirt when I told you that I was done being friends.
I've bottled up this for so long. Everyone knows why we aren't talking. But, they don't know the feelings I have. I went from talking to you every day, to never talking at all. I am avoiding you as much as I can.
I let you in. I've never let anyone in. I was always quiet with other people. But I told you everything. It may be my fault that we are no longer friends. But when your friends and you're annoyed with the other person you explain why. You didn't you just stayed mad at me. It wasn't the first time, it was the third time. Three strikes and your out.
So yes it is definitely my fault I have expectations for you if you are even close to being my best friend. And you were. I will suffer because trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship. So goodbye.