You can't overdose on music

And that's why I have 3 more songs that you should check out. You should also check out the rest of their songs btw! I mixed a few different genres and I hope you'll find a song you'll like. They're really different songs, so you'll probably like at least one of them. I'm gonna stop typing now and let you find out what the songs are! ;)

First song
Lester Clayton - Home truths
This song is a bit of a protest song where they make fun of a typical non-progressive person. A person who blaims everything on the immigrants and only thinks of his own country and people. The band often has a political lyrics in their songs.The best way to describe their music is StreetFolk. That is a combination between reggae, soul and funk.

world, change, and quotes image

second one
Make Out Monday - Desirae
It's a punk rock song and it's really catchy. The other songs from the band are also punk rock and alternative. The music style in the songs differs a bit, because all the band members like different genres.

;), awesome, and love them image

and the last one
Catfish and the Bottlemen - Soundcheck
The song is about mixed feelings about love and changing identities. The song is a bit alternative and rock. Catfish and the Bottlemen is a British indierock band. They made two albums so far (which are both really good!!).

band and catfish and the bottlemen image