There's something about falling in love that awakens a part of your soul. Days become shorter and nights longer. Words become sweeter and take on more meaning. A promise becomes an unbreakable bond. Those lyrics and quotes you've heard all your life suddenly make sense.

The moment he walked into my life, everything changed. I caught myself smiling more and laughing harder. I felt myself falling faster with each embrace. He encourages me to mold myself into the person I want to be. He's taught me what love could truly be and what that four letter word really means.

Day by day he's helped me fall back in love with myself. He's opened my eyes and abled me to see myself the way he does.

He's the boy i've dreamed about, he's the boy i've been writing about for years. Every time ink has fallen upon paper in my control, he was on my mind.

He is my future personified. He's the boy I want to love forever. He is my midnight kisses and morning cuddles. He is long memorable car rides full of laughter, small glances, and soft caresses. He is trips to the cinema and small adventures. He is the cause of lovely thoughts and the truest words i've ever written. He is the elusive ONE. He is the love that made all others inexistent.

My hope is that everyone will find their someone like him. My only wish is I would have found him sooner and loved him that much longer.

HE- 31.JAN.2018