I'm a h*e for art and being an architecture student there are so many cities with beautiful architecture that I want to visit.

In this article I present you a list of cities I really want to visit and where to go in there.

Disclaimer: The places to visit I included in each city is based on my architect sight, of course there are so many things I'd like to do that don't involve art.

10- Buenos Aires, Argentina


aesthetic, motorcycle, and argentina image
buenos aires, paradise, and américa image

Puerto Madero

argentina, buenos aires, and puerto madero image
argentina, buenos aires, and puerto madero image


argentina, good morning, and bsas image
argentina, buenos aires, and recoleta image

9- Shanghai, China

Yu Garden

beauty, lights, and night image
beautiful place, shanghai, and china image

Pearl Tower

asia, asian, and shanghai image
china, nights, and shanghai image

World Financial Center

city and clouds image
architecture, blue, and family image

8- London, England

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham palace, Great Britain, and london image
Big Ben, goals, and travel image

Trafalgar Square

london, travel, and city image
amazing, Trafalgar Square, and architecture image

Tower Bridge

london image
beautiful, cities, and city image

7- Cape Town, South Africa


cape town, ocean, and photography image
cape town, grey, and harbour image


cape town, Houses, and mosque image
house, colors, and colorful image

Kasteel die goeie hoop

architecture, cape town, and castle image
architecture, arquitectura, and cape town image

6- Paris, France


art, culture, and night image
france, louvre, and museum image

Notre Dame

paris and notre dame image
lights, notre dame, and paris image

Quartier Latin

holiday, newyear, and january image
boy, quartier latin, and cool image

5- New York City, U.S.A

Times Square

america, holiday, and new york image
new york, city, and light image

Empire State Building

city, new york, and building image
new york, city, and nyc image

One World Observatory

new york, new york city, and tower image
manhattan, new york, and wtc image

4- Berlin, Germany

Brandenburger Tor

berlin, germany, and city image
beautiful, photo, and berlin image


berlin, germany, and building image
germany and berlin image

Holocaust Memorial

berlin, germany, and holocaust memorial image
berlin, fall, and black image

3- Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, spain, and Sagrada Familia image
Barcelona, travel, and spain image

Barri Gòtic

Barcelona and barri gòtic image
Barcelona and barri gòtic image

Barrio de Horta

Barcelona, spain, and espana image
Barcelona image

2- Sydney, Australia

Opera House

australia, opera house, and Sydney image
australia, opera house, and Sydney image

Harbour Bridge

architecture, blue, and harbour image
australia, sunset, and travel image

Queen Victoria Building

35mm, queen victoria building, and qvb sydney image
australia image

1- Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa

Dubai and burj khalifa image
Dubai and burj khalifa image

Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi, beautiful, and Dubai image
dubai abu dhabi package image

Burj Al Arab

Dubai, travel, and burj al arab image
architecture, beige, and blue image
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