Hellooo my Darlings! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and even though i don't have a lovely boyfriend, I do have fantastic friends who deserve a little detail from their cheesy but extraordinary friend Miranda! (Which is me, lol) I love Valentine's because it's not only a day for couples but also for friends and family! It's a day to celebrate LOVE and let me remind you that love comes in different ways, so yeah, be grateful for those who have always been there and just enjoy the moment, life is so much better when we focus on what truly matters!

Now, without further ado, here you have some gift ideas for your loved ones. It can be for your bestie, your squad, your bae and even your family!

☆ DIY Polaroid photos ☆

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You just need a white cardboard, glue and all the photos you want, printed in the same size. You can also write some quotes or memories at the back of the photos and give them in a cute box, or even make an album! :)

☆ Mason Jars Ideas ☆

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You just need a Mason Jar and creativity. These are so good for every occasion, you can put candies, gummies, cute notes, chocolates, smores, cookies or even a small cake! There are so many ideas and ways to decorate them.

☆ Special Gift Box ☆

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This is great too! It can be a 'Movie Night Box', a 'Box of Sunshine', or even a 'Memories Box'. This would be perfect if your planning to stay home with your bae or bestie! Add things you know the other person would love.

☆ Valentine's Card ☆

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Girl, if you don't want to be that extra but want to give a detail or want to add something more in your special box, this is for you! Perfect for friends to remind them how much you love them and why they are so important to you!

☆ Homemade Treats ☆

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First of all, who doesn't like brownies? Or cupcakes? Or cookies? or what about... DIY gummies? THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS TO DO! If you like to cook, be creative, decorate and surprise everyone with your chef skills, this is for you. If not, you can always buy some and pretend you did it. 😂

☆ DIY Bath Bombs or Scrubs ☆

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I love DIY's, you can create a variety of stuff and make the gift more 'personal', with different scents and colors to make them unique, for example, yellow and citric for your funniest friend! Check this fantastic article if you're interested! :D

☆ DIY photo-book ☆

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If i had a bae, i would totally do this. It's perfect, unique, simple, cute and romantic. You can make different versions, pick the one you like the most. Go and surprise your special one!

☆ Monogram Necklace or Bracelets ☆

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Perfect for your squad friends or you bae too, it doesn't have to be an expensive gold necklace, you can go to stores that sell everything to make jewelry! :P

☆ Photo Puzzle ☆

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Last but not least, this is also a cute, original and really easy idea! As you can see in the photos, you don't need a lot of materials, so go and pick your favorite photo and turn it into a puzzle! ;)

☆ Mixtape ☆

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If you are like me (a music lover) who can't put in order and express their feelings easily, this idea is lovely. Make him/her a mixtape so they will know how you feel! Put a message in the disc or if you decide to create a Playlist on Spotify (I hate you technology) write in the description a cute message, maybe "Songs that remind me of us". You can even try this to seduce your crush! 😂

THE END! Did you like it? Which idea was your favorite? If you decide to make one of these, share it with me! I would love to see your creations. If you are wondering, I will give my girl squad some Valentine's Cards, with homemade brownies, and a lovely gerbera daisy to each one of them. That's it for today, see you in my next article, have an amazing day.

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