Hi, there, beautiful creatures!
So I just went back to school about a week ago and I've been super busy. It's my senior year! Yeah, props to me!! Haha. Thing is I haven't had the time to sit down and write to you but I saw this little tag around so I decided to join, hope you enjoy it :)
I remind you that articles will probably be as they used to in about a week or two.


Image by Iza fashion, style, and clothes image Image by Ellakiia fashion and style image cyber, ghetto, and theme image body, remera, and cocina image


Image by Ahmed MeTToO flamingo and pink image beautiful, girl, and pink image Image by Pastora Waldorf pink, chocolate, and food image Brushes, lipgloss, and burn book image


book, girl, and aesthetic image girl, cinema, and popcorn image Image by ibtissem travel, passport, and airport image bed, filter, and call me by your name image party, drink, and alcohol image


cat, animal, and sleep image Image by ø alta et secreta silvarum ø dog, cute, and puppy image Image by 佳娜 Image by anita Image by ♔ ᏚąᎰąą MᏫĦąɱƏđ ♔


long distance, pizza hut, and date night image food and tacos image food, fries, and ketchup image apple, food, and photography image Image by ♔ ᏚąᎰąą MᏫĦąɱƏđ ♔ chocolate, sweet, and yummy image


drink and mojito image drinks, yummy, and lemonade image beer, corona, and photography image blue, Pepsi, and grunge image bottle, feed, and kiwi image alcohol, awesome, and beautiful image


sunflower, flowers, and yellow image color, flower, and dandelion image flowers and orchids image flowers, black, and orchid image flowers, nature, and chamomile image background, bright, and colorful image


book, cover, and literature image book, love, and wuthering heights image Mature image book, carry on, and colourful image book, aesthetic, and sweater image book, green, and mark twain image


sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and bbc image stranger things image doctors, netflix, and drama image malcolm in the middle image friends, rachel green, and Jennifer Aniston image the big bang theory, penny, and series image


sisters, love, and cancer image Image by Çağla Deniz 🥀 grease, movie, and Sandy image pride and prejudice, mr darcy, and movie image panic and movie image witch image


aesthetic, flamenco, and photography image girl, lipa, and singer image ed sheeran, tattoo, and singer image wallpaper, wallpapers, and fondos image troye sivan and blue neighborhood image dodie clark image


emma watson, smile, and black and white image actor, beautiful, and picture image hamilton, lin manuel miranda, and moana image tattoo and kat von d image youtube and shane dawson image beautiful, black, and smile image


britney spears, quotes, and 90s image accessories, movies, and quotes image quotes, sex and the city, and funny image quotes, baby, and movie image Mature image freaks and geeks, funny, and life image

Hope you liked it, dare to do one yourselves and let me know if you do.
Until next time!