Hello! I'm so excited that I got 112 likes on my last article! I promised that I would post another article if my lst article got to 100 likes so here it goes! Disclaimer: I am not trying to advertise for any of these stores. They are just places I like to go to buy clothes from.

I love shopping here! I usually get jeans and a few short sleeve t-shirts. The quality is really good too and they usually have some sort of sale going on. (Well, at least whenever I go there.) They have a variety of things, so you can find what suits you!

Honestly, their clothes are really cute. The prices are pretty low, but the clothes are are good quality. I have multiple outfits from Meijer and they are so cute!

3~Old Navy
I haven't been to here yet,but I won a giftcard for Old Navy so I plan on going soon. Some of my friends say they shop there and that their clothes are good quality and really cute. I can't wait to go check it out!

4~Under Armour
I have a few clothes from there, but I don't go very often. Their seatshirts are really comfy and functionable and their clothing is really cute. A lot of my friends wear Under Armour and they really like that brand.

I have some clothes from Nike, but I usually get my tennis shoes from
there. Their quality is really good and they have a variety of sports clothing and shoes.

There are more stores that I shop at, but those are the main ones. I hope you guys enjoyed this article. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted I've been really busy. Bye!