hello everyone~
i've decided to share my favorite animes, though i wouldn't say i'm a hardcore fan of anime, i enjoy watching it alot and i love how different it is
i've been roughly into anime for 3 years now and i'll be sharing my favorites since i started watching it~
i'd definitely recommend them if you want to check them out, though if you're already very familiar with anime i'm sure you'd know most if not all of them, there'll be some pretty mainstream ones here aswell
(there's no particular order in the list)
• Pandora Hearts •

pandora hearts image anime, manga, and pandora hearts image

this anime.. the characters are so lovable and adorable, it's set in beautiful world where they kind of mix in Alice In Wonderland and the Great Wizard Of Oz
i've considered this anime one of my tops since i watched mainly because of all the inspiration it gave me, it has alot of beautiful and encouraging quotes, there are so many moments that i can't forget and the characters just feel so real
the character designs and art style used are great, but the animation is kind of lacking, despite that it remains enjoyable
the music is absolutely beautiful, the opening, the ending the sound track, it's all just great
if you ever do watch it and feel disappointied by the ending, you can always read the manga, you won't regret it ♥
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• Love Live! School Idol Project •

anime, girls, and maki image anime, fanart, and manga image

many people probably hate this anime because of how popular it is or don't see the appeal in it considering it's mostly known for being an idol anime and having cute girls
but i honestly see much more in it than cute girls that are idols
the anime shows us how these girls that have a dream start from nothing and reach the top
they keep working hard, building up their friendship which shows us their amazing team work and how willing they are to achieve their dream and help out each other, it just showed me that i can achieve what i want if i believe in myself and keep working hard, of course alot of animes did this in their own way, but it doesn't mean we can't appreciate it ♥ both seasons were really great, songs were memorable and cute, lyrics not some cutesy stuff despite the songs sounding that way, art and animation were beautiful and all characters are lovable (some are quite annoying at start though) , i loved it so much (though some "warning" there are absolutely no guys in this anime lol)
there's Love Live! sunshine as well, but i honestly didn't like it, they were just doing the exact same thing that they've done in the original and i was just rolling my eyes at everything, even the characters have similar personalities to the original ones, anyways
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• Shingeki No Kyojin •

Image by Sayuri gif, attack on titan, and anime image

i've avoided this anime for about a year and never wanted to watch it because it had titans and i thought i wouldn't enjoy it because of them, but boy i was wrong
the first episode just hit me right in the feels and i felt like i had to finish watching it , i probably binged watched it in 3 days
the OST is so epic, i loved the art style so much and kind of reminds me of comics due to the line art, the animation and action scenes were so well done and it has so many emotional moments that just trigger a water fall out of my eyes and oh the hype..
this was the first ever hype anime i've seen and i enjoyed every second of it, it's all a mixture of several feelings and eve has it's funny moments (tbh it's the crazy titans who run like retards that crack me up)
but i never get bored, even though season 2 had quite some filler episodes i enjoyed them, if you haven't seen attack on titan (if there's anyone that haven't seen it) i recommend watching it subbed because you absolutely don't want to miss out on the brilliant voice acting of Kaji Yuuki, Inoe Maria and Kamiya Hiroshi ( honestly the dub is very lacking and their voices sometimes sound annoying rather than emotional, i'm not an anti dub but AOT's dub is just meh)
and oh damn those openings and endings, they're just iconic
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• Inuyashiki •

gif and inuyashiki image gif, seinen anime, and inuyashiki: last hero image

this is a new anime it came out just last year, it's also pretty short lasting only 11 episodes
but although it was short it felt like a long journey
this anime just shows so many aspects of our generation that are quite sickening, although it's not the main focus, but it was interesting and realistic that they included them
the two main characters are COMPLETE opposites, one is kind, old and pure, the other is young, evil and a two faced f*cking sociopath i hated him for most of the anime
but you get to see both of their stories, both of their motives, and it was so interesting to watch, the half of the first episode was so depressing to watch but it kind of went from 0 to 100, i honestly wish it lasted longer but maybe it's for the best that it was quite short, you can probably binge watch this a saturday night
the art style to me felt like a mixture of Persona's Art Style and Junji Ito's art style which i loved !
you'll probably see some similarities between the main character Hiro Shishigami and Light Yagami from Death Note
this anime is just really unforgettable to me , although some stuff i didn't understand in the ending, it was all really great
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• Noragami •

noragami, yato, and yukine image noragami, yato, and anime image

i love everything about this anime, the three main characters are just the best, my favorite being the main main character ; Yato, he's just so light hearted , adorable and a living meme but also brave,mature and responsible
it can be so funny at times, but when it gets serious it's get really f*cking serious
i loved seeing the other side of Yato's character and the development of Yukine's character, alot of people probably hate him for how immature he acted, but i felt so much pity for him, he was just so desperate and felt left out as someone who died young and can't have a normal life (don't worry it's not a spoiler)
His story was so emotional he's just a kid ;-; (yes i cried alot ngl)
Hiyori is also such a good character, i love how she kind of acts like the mom and how hilarious she can be at times
the animation and art are just crazy good, the openings and endings are gold, and it just remains in my heart
I never get tired of rewatching it (i'm also planning on reading more of the manga)
it's quite popular but if you haven't seen it i definitely recommend it
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• Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo •

anime and sakurasou image anime, pretty, and cute image

this is one of my first animes and even rewatching it my feelings didn't change about it
it's comedic, very funny, but also it talks about friendship and shows us the bond of the main characters,it has some romance of course
it's a slice of life basically, but it's so good, Shiina is such a precious cinnamon roll and all the main characters are so lovable, you can probably relate to some of them in certain things
this anime as a whole was not a disappointment at all to me, watching it i didn't expect it to have some emotional moments, the ending made me cry and i just sat there staring at the screen because what is life at this point, this anime is gold and will forever (hopefully) remain of my favorites
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• Kokoro Connect •

kokoro connect image anime and kokoro connect image

the concept of this anime isn't even original, everyone probably saw alot of it , girls and boys swiping bodies, though the one difference it had is that they never know in which body they're gonna end up in
but despite that it was still so good !
the characters had quite interesting stories and 'secrets' and there were alot of things that happened that i didn't expect from an anime like this
it isn't really a dark anime, but it had some dark real life topics in it, and it all made it even better, the struggles they went through, swiping bodies even helped them connect and know more about each other
it was unexpectedly such a good anime (idk why but it really surprised me how good it is)
i found the main characters all interesting (Iori especially)
it's not a kyoto animation anime, but the art style will probably remind you of K-On!
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• Hunter x Hunter •

anime, hunter x hunter, and killua image Image by Blueілбісін

this is one of the animes i've watched as a kid but i honestly didn't remember anything at all from it
it took me a while to finally get myself to watch it (mostly because i'm not a big fan of animes with 100+ episodes)
but about 10 episodes in , i was thanking god that it had 100+ episodes
i love it so much, it just keeps you at the verge of your seat without ever getting bored, and it's set in so many different places, it almost feels like they travel to a whole different world in each arc, Gon and Killua's friendship is heart-warming and i love seeing them grow even closer to each other and also grow stronger and accomplish several things despite them being just kids ,there are several more interesting characters, though it mainly focuses on Gon and Killua the most
it has alot of hype moments, but it can be really funny at times and i never lose interest in it , it also made Rock, Paper, Scissors one of the best games ever
i hope that one day, this anime will get more episodes it's just not enough , we need more
the opening song is the same but trust me you'll never get bored of it
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• Guilty Crown •

partner image anime, song, and apple image

i honestly really loved this anime, i'm not saying it's perfect of course, it's not even the best one on this list imo , but it was honestly really good , many argue about this having a weak messy plot, but i don't find it messy or weak, i thought it was really interesting, it's a quite dark, heart-warming and emotional anime, and each episode kept me interested in what will happen next, the art is just beautiful and the music makes everything even better
i swear this anime has one of the best soundtracks out there
the openings, endings GOD they're so good, i still listen to them till now on my phone
if you focus and pay attention to the anime, you might enjoy it as much as i did, if not you probably won't
nonetheless i loved it well enough to consider it one of my favorite animes
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• Boku No Hero Academia •

boku no hero academia, anime, and kirishima image blonde hair, gif, and green hair image

this, just like AOT and HxH, another anime that i've avoided
i actually only watched it recently
and i regret not watching it earlier
i loved seeing Izuku growing stronger both emotionally and physically , he've always been bullied and treated like crap for being Quirk-less, but seeing him slowly rise at the top was just great
at first i wasn't much of a fan of the art stylesince it looked different from most art styles i've seen, but i gradually started appreciating more and it suits the anime alot
it's also a very hype anime, it has some fun and funny moments, most characters in class-A are lovely (except Bakugo and Mineta I CAN'T, I HATE THEM THEY'RE SHIT PEOPLE I'M SORRY IF YOU'RE A FAN OF THEM)
but overall i loved it, both seasons are just great, i literally had tears in my eyes when i saw that season 2 had 25 episodes rather than 13
Also Izuku is best boy plz don't argue with me on this
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• Death Note •

Inspiring Image on We Heart It apple, dark, and death note image

when i first started watching anime i was more into the funny, slice of life animes, so Death Note is the first dark anime i've seen, i thought i'd be hard to get into, but it wasn't at all, it's so good, definitely deserves all it's popularity and sucess, heck even the arc that alot of people disliked was great to me (though i admit the first one was better but it was still good)
for a 2006 anime i wasn't expecting the art and animation to be so good, i was impressed by everything this anime had to give
it's so detailed, intriguing and just genius
the OST is also great, my favorite opening and ending were the first ones (i still listen to alumina it's so good), but the others were good too
this anime made me want to become a detective for some time hahah
it's probably one of the best animes to watch if anyone wants to get into anime
such a shame that netflix shit all over it with their live action movie
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this is it for the list
i have alot more animes in my favorite list but i'm getting tired rn ;-;
please remember this is just my personal opinion i don't mean that these animes are the best in the world or that everyone should enjoy them~

hopefully i'll make another list for the remaining animes in my favorites