I'm not naturally a morning person, but lately I have improved on that field by changing some few things.
Since I'm not in college anymore and my work is not early in the morning, I can easily waste my time.
So, here's what I'm doing to become a morning person.

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Light in your room

Let the light enter to your room

My room is really dark so if I don't turn on the light I won't feel motivated to get out of my bed.
Open the window or turn on the lights, this will help you to start you day.

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Meditation session

I didn't trust this at the beginning, but I read about it everywhere so I tried and it's really true what people says.
I've been doing this since new year and I feel the difference.
I listen the playlist " Yoga and meditation" by Spotify and take deep breaths while trying to relax my body and mind. You can search also on Youtube for videos, or use an app to receive a guide, I just keep it simple.
This really helps to start the day relaxed and focus.

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Great music

A good playlist

While I'm in the bathroom, taking my breakfast or doing makeup I'm always listening music.
The music will help for your mood.
Good music will help you to keep a bright aura.
Pick your favorites ones and dance while you're getting ready.

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Healthy breakfast

A great breakfast

I haven't seen a single person talkin about this but I truly think this can help you to become a morning person.
A great breakfast will give you the energy you need to survive the morning at the school, college or work.

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So, this is what I'm doing lately, it's working for me and my mornings seem more positive too. Hope this can help you.


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